If you are commenting on a map other than June 16, 2024, please acknowlegde which release date you are commenting on.

Question 1

How were you made aware of the VegDRI mapping tool?

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Question 2

What was your primary purpose for accessing the VegDRI mapping tool?

Question 3

Approximately how many times have you visited the VegDRI mapping tool website?

Question 4

On average, how much time did you spend using the VegDRI mapping tool in a single visit?
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Question 5

How would you rate the VegDRI mapping tool on each of the following:

Overall appearance of the tool:

Poor Fair Excellent

Comment (optional):

Overall ease of use of the tool:

Poor Fair Excellent

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Explanatory text and instructions:

Poor Fair Excellent

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Ability to zoom to the county level:

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Question 6

How accurately does the VegDRI image release on reflect conditions in your country or region?
If you are commenting on a map from a different date, please note the date in the comments below.

Very inaccurate Moderately accurate Very accurate

Comments on areas (e.g., northeast section of Lancaster county) that VegDRI accurately (e.g., VegDRI and observed area are normal) represented conditions.

If you rated the accuracy of the VegDRI image as a value LESS than 7 in the question above, how much worse or better are the vegetation/rangeland conditions in your state or region compared to the VegDRI image?

Much Worse N/A Much Better

Comments on areas (e.g., south central part of Buffalo county) that VegDRI did not accurately (e.g., VegDRI shows normal, but you observe severe) represent conditions.

Question 7

How likely would you be to use the VegDRI mapping tool in making management decisions?

Very unlikely Likely Very likely

Why or why not?

Question 8


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Question 9

Would we be able to contact you to follow up with you on your evaluation of the VegDRI mapping tool?

If yes, please provide:

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